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Bert’s Beer Baster™ Hop Concentrate


When I began my journey in the beer world, I heard a story about a hop-loving brewer who carried a vial of hop oil in his pocket. Whenever he left home, he used the oil to improve pints of the only beer usually available – industrial lager – boosting its appeal, and creating a beer legend in the process.

Inspired by this story, I’ve created a hop concentrate you can use to baste your own beers: those you brew, or ones you encounter in the wild.

"... the bang for the buck factor is high, and in practice, they're perfect for everyone from beer enthusiasts looking to articulate the flavor of individual hops to home brewers who want to add that hops character without all the muss and fuss."
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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Each bottle is just 15 mL, but its small size disguises its strength. Just a few drops are enough for most beers, and each bottle contains about 300 drops, or roughly 100 beers. 

Single-Varietal Hop Concentrate

I prefer single-origin coffee and varietal wine - I think individual hop varieties are just as interesting, so I have created four different hop concentrates that will let you experience each variety’s characteristic aroma:

  • Amarillo®: floral, spicy, and tropical but mainly known for citrus, especially orange and lemon.
  • Azacca®: tropical fruits, especially mango and pineapple
  • Chinook: big-time pine and citrus aromas
  • Columbus: citrus and spice, dank and/or herbal
  • El Dorado®:Pineapple in a glass - super tropical.
  • Pekko®: Cucumber, Mint, Sage! There's no substitute for this intriguing, floral hop. You'll never try anything else like it.
  • Saaz (US): The classic noble hop, used extensively in Pilsner-style beers and many Belgian styles. Very earthy/herbal with some floral notes.

Get Creative!

Bert's isn't just for beer - it works well in cider, mead and cocktails (try a gin and tonic with Azacca) that need an aromatic hop lift. Homebrewing? One 15 mL vial in five gallons can totally replace your dry-hopping,* depending on the recipe. 

A Bale in a Bottle

It takes approximately half a pound of farm-fresh hops to produce the concentrated fresh hop oil used in each bottle of Beer Baster.  

Lupulin Locomotive

The hops used in Bert's Beer Baster are steam-distilled immediately after harvest to ensure maximum freshness. Complex aroma compounds are captured in the oil without the use of chemicals, making Bert’s insanely aromatic.

Make it a Combo for Just $10 More

Looking for a great gift for the hophead in your life? My "Chemistry Set for Beer Nerds" includes two tasting glasses, two hoppy beer journals, and four bottles of Bert's for just a few bucks more.

* Don't use Bert's Beer Baster in the boil kettle - high temps will drive off all the aromatic compounds. Use it on the cool side of brewing, added to secondary fermenter or add when you bottle or keg.

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