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33 Cups of Sake Journal

The best part about my job is learning about new things - new to me, that is. Saké is a beverage steeped in hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of tradition, but I knew nothing about it until Julie Qiu (my collaborator on 33 Oysters) approached me about doing a saké journal. From there, I met Portland saké master Paul Willenberg, and ... well, I'd like to take you on a similar voyage of discovery, too.

Join me, Julie, Paul and a couple of special guests as we celebrate the launch of 33 Cups of Saké virtually. Whether you're new to saké or a veteran toji, you'll love this event. 

The event is limited to 100 guests, so sign up now!

Thursday, September 24th
6 - 7 PM Pacific, 9 - 10 PM Eastern
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