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Hoppy Beer Tasting Set


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A Hop Exploration and Beer Tasting Set

Adding Hop Concentrate to Beer Tasting Glass

People have asked me to make a beer-tasting set for a long time. There are so many beer sets out there (most obviously designed by wine lovers), and who needs another tiny, cheap glass in the cupboard? If I was going to make a beer-tasting set, I wanted it to be different and actually useful. Here’s what I came up with.

My Hop Exploration Kit is designed to help beer lovers to better understand hoppy beer.  It's got everything inside to take hopheads on a hoppy holiday - just add beer. Here's how it works:

  1. Insert Beer. Fill each tasting glass with 4 ounces of neutral beer (industrial lagers work well).
  2. Drop Hops. Add 2-3 drops of Bert’s Beer Baster,™ a different variety in each glass. Four different varieties are included in the set. 
  3. Taste. Compare and contrast. Use the included hop-focused beer journals to help guide your tasting. 

What's inside?

  • Beer-Tasting Glasses: The best beer glass for drinking and the best one for tasting are two different things. These are tasting glasses, made in the USA. The shape of the glass is pleasant to look at, but I find it holds just the right amount (4 oz) for a good tasting, and feels nice in your hand. The tapered neck collects and concentrates aroma. Glasses are labeled "A" and "B" for easy comparison and/or spontaneous small sample size, double-blind investigative trials. 

  • Hop Concentrates: Four varieties of my hop concentrate are included in each kit. When you're done tasting, they're great for amping up under-hopped beers you may encounter when traveling. They're also great for cocktails or in home beer-making.
  • Hop-Focused Beer-Tasting Journals: The kit you receive includes two copies of 33 Beers: Fresh Hop Edition. The two hop-focused beer journals included each have space to record 33 different beers, giving you space for a total of 66 tastings.

  • Retro Click Pen: The journals are accompanied by a traditional click-style, American-made ballpoint pen.

  • Presentation-Ready Packaging: I designed the box with hop bale-inspired imagery on both the exterior and interior of the box so it makes a great impression if gifted. Thanks to the hop concentrates, it smells amazing, too!

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