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The Original Drinking Wallet


On a night out on the town, I'm typically a two drink guy. I like beer, and I like whisk(e)y.

While my notebooks are designed to pack a lot of punch in a small package, toting around two notebooks on top of my standard pocket paraphernalia makes me feel a little ... bulky.

In collaboration with my friend Evan from Tannery South Leather, I'm proud to share something that I think will streamline your salubrious adventures.

Our Original Drinking Wallet will safely hold two of my pocket journals,* with an inside-front pocket designed to store a night's worth of cash and cards.

Save the pizza punch card for your Monday wallet – the Drinking Wallet is for Friday night, and it travels light.

  • The regular size is designed for my tasting journals**, and measures 4" wide by 5.25" tall - perfect for your back pocket.
  • The new XL size holds two of my logbooks for making beer/cider/cheese or roasting coffee at home. It's 5.5" wide and 7.5" tall.

* Books sold separately.
** My cigar, pro beer and/or Champagne books are a little too tall to fit.

Drinking Wallet Size and Color Combinations

Made with Care in the USA

Made from 100% US-made, heavy-duty leather, my Drinking Wallet will wear in beautifully, looking as good in a few years as it does today. The Natural, Brown and English Tan colors are real Chromexcel® leather, which is legendary among leatherworkers. It's still handmade in Chicago, Illinois by the Horween Leather Company, which began operations in 1905. After five generations, you can bet they know what they're doing, and the feel of the leather when new feels great. No breaking in required, but age adds to the charm. The Raw option is natural Veg-tan leather from the world-famous USA Wicket & Craig Tannery, and stitched with white Japanese Vinymo thread. It gets better with age, and will take on color and character from the care you give it.

Evan's company, Tannery South, is also a one-man operation, making beautiful leather goods from Atlanta, Georgia, in-between fatherly duties. Evan's production is limited, but top-notch and I was delighted to collaborate with him on this project.

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