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Special Editions

I'm often asked which book is my favorite, which feels a little like asking which child is your favorite. My answers to those questions are simple: "Beer," and "Beer." Just kidding, kids! Daddy loves you so much!

Over the years, I've created many special versions of my tasting notebooks, both for my own amusement (barrel-aged books, anyone?) as well as special branded editions. 

Custom Books

I’m delighted when people want to align their brand with my pocket tasting notebooks. I've worked with brands large and small on totally custom books.

Imprinted Books

Thanks to my super cool foil-stamping machine, I can add your logo to the back of my books with quick turnarounds and low minimums. And they're shiny!

Limited Editions

Ever have a crazy idea you just decided to run with, darn the consequences and/or expenses and/or deadlines? Me, too! Here are a few very special books I've made.

Corporate Gifts

My tasting sets make great client gifts. If you'd like to explore that, drop me a note.

Co-Branded 33 Books