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About 33 Books Co.

33 Books Co. is Dave Selden's one-man publishing operation based in Portland, Oregon. That's me in the video below! I produce books and other tasting tools that are designed to let people quickly take down the important details of their favorite consumables: beer, coffee, wine or whisk(e)y and lots of other good things.


You've got questions? I've got answers. Or if not, I can contact the appropriate department and get back to you.

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I try to ship within a day or three of your order being placed. I'm not exactly Amazon, but I do my best.


All my goods are made here in the USA, and quality is very important to me, but not as important as your complete satisfaction.

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My electronic communications are sporadic, but are the best way to stay abreast of new products and tasty recommendations.


This whole adventure started with my beer blog. I still write occasionally, and sometimes it's about beer.


Need to get in touch? I'm here to help.