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Black-on-Black 33 Books T-Shirt


I grew up listening to the Beatles' white album. There are just so many great songs on there, it boggles the mind. I loved Bungalow Bill when I was a kid, and today I will still drop Blackbird and Helter Skelter at the faintest request. 

And then, there was Metallica's black album, which was a big part of my next musical chapter. My teenage self appreciated the parent-rattling nature of the sound and the look. The cover was black ink on black ink. To a budding artist, the very definition of metal. Sorry, Anish Kapoor ... Metallica were there first.

Here's my salute. Black ink on black, 100% Organic Fine Jersey cotton t-shirt. The shirt is made in the USA, and printed by hand (by yours truly) right here in sunny Portland, Oregon. Rock on.

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