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The Original Drinking Coin


The Pocket Drinking Buddy with All the Answers

Having trouble making a really important alcohol-related decision? Find answers to all of life’s important questions with a flip of this powerful coin. Just choose your question, and flip this coin for the answer!

  • One More or Go Home? Sometimes your best choice is to linger a little longer with friends, but then again, there is work to do tomorrow ... what to do?
  • Hoppy or Malty? It can be hard to choose between a really fresh IPA or a rare, barrel-aged stout. Let the coin decide!
  • Red or White? Fact is, sometimes a red wine goes better with fish, and whites go well with BBQ. If you can't choose, flip!
  • Whisky or Whiskey? I enjoy both bourbon whiskEy and Scotch whisky (no "E"). Both choices are great - when I can't decide, I flip, and let the coin guide my dram decision!
Each drinking coin comes in its own protective acrylic case

Solid American-Made Brass

The Drinking Coin is minted in Nevada, USA using 300 tons of pressure and mating machined dies. The text is crisp and the lines sharp - this is jewelry for your pocket made of solid brass. Other coins are cast in bronze, which has a decent heft, but not such a great pedigree (usually made in Asia under questionable manufacturing conditions) and none of the fine detail. 

Sealed for Your Protection

Because the coin is brass, it will arrive at your door in a shiny, fresh-minted condition, thanks to its protective acrylic case shown above, right. The case keeps out oxygen and prevents scratches to the coin in transit. Once it arrives, it's up to you to make it your own.

Antique effect on drinking coin happens naturally to the brass

Pocket Patina

The 1.75" diameter coin at right spent 4 months in my front pocket. Oils from my hand and jostling from my keys gave it the amazing antique brass patina you see, which better every day. If you ever want to restore the shine, drop your coin in a bit of ordinary ketchup, wipe it gently, and then rinse. The acids in the ketchup will restore the original shine and begin the process again.

Tasting Terms

Around the perimeter of the coin are tasting terms common to beer, wine and whisk(e)y ... use them to prompt your palate and impress your friends!

Tasting Terms around Perimeter of Drinking Coin

Gloriously Giftable

The Original Drinking Coin makes a great gift for your drinking buddies, and is suitable for any occasion. It's especially good for birthdays, graduation gifts, groomsman gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and of course, anniversaries (Happy 21st!). 

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