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Flight Deck for Cider Tasting


Take Your Tastings to New Heights

If you enjoy trying different ciders, Flight Decks are for you. Use them to chart your cider-tasting experiences, labeling each one and noting specs like apples used, ABV, and more before you embark. Then, place a mug* containing that liquid directly on the deck. As you taste, you'll have the specs at arm's length while you sample each cider.

  • Train Your Palate
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Great for Virtual Tastings
  • Remember Favorites
  • Avoid Future Mistakes
  • Replaces 3 Coasters

Flight Decks are a great way to organize tasting events for professionals and novices alike, and last as scrapbook-worthy souvenirs. There are 20 cards in each deck, enough for 60 mugs of cider. Cards measure 10½ x 4 inches (25 x 10 cm) and are printed on an extremely heavy and absorbent, FSC-certified coaster stock.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Flight Decks let you create your own tasting themes. Compare different apple varieties, sweetness levels, carbonation, ingredients or any other comparison you can dream up: the sky’s the limit. 

    Flight Boards for Cider

    All Aboard!

    Flight Decks work great on any solid surface, but for a truly elevated experience, add a Flight Board to your order. Flight Boards enhance both portability and presentation. I offer three options, handmade by yours truly. Choose from hand-rubbed, orchard-salvage Oregon Black Walnut, upcycled boards made from used bourbon and/or wine barrels, or reclaimed Douglas Fir. Boards measure 12" x 4 ½" x " (30.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm) and have a handy clip to attach your Flight Deck that doubles as a bottle opener and foil cutter.

    Please note that Flight Boards cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand due to import restrictions on wood products.

    Fresh-Pressed in Portland

    Flight Decks are printed by hand, with love, on 100-year-old, gluten-powered letterpress equipment using mostly soy-based inks. 

    * Cider mugs sold separately.

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