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Collector Caddy


Here's a story you might find familiar.

Aunt Sally gifts her niece Sue a beer journal. Finding satisfaction in chronicling her malty (mis)adventures, Sue eventually points her web browser to the very same internet web site on which you now find yourself, and discovers a whole world of powerful, pocket-sized books. 

Quicker than she can say PayPal, Sue has a mailbox full of recycled journals, and suddenly ... nowhere to keep them organized.

Enter the Collector Caddy, purpose-built for 33 Books Superfans like Sue. Its three shelves of bespoke, laser-cut walnut plywood are silkscreened with gold metallic ink, and designed to hold 15 of my pocket tasting journals (5 per shelf), plus a nook to house 5 of my make logs.

Each Collector Caddy comes with three FREE 33 Books Co. click pens, which, like the caddy itself, are made right here in the US of A. Wall-hang your Collector Caddy using the handy pre-drilled hang-y hole, or rest the caddy on a shelf in your bar, kitchen or bath.

The 33 Books Co. Collector Caddy is 16 inches tall (41 cm), and measures approximately 5 x 4 inches (13 x 10 cm) at the base.



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