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33 Glasses of Whiskey: Double-Barrel Edition


Charred Oak and Time

That's what it takes to transform pure alcohol into the liquid gold we call bourbon. Once the distiller has done his part, the barrel-master takes over, guarding the precious liquid as it matures into fine whiskey inside a charred oak barrel. The longer the alcohol stays in the barrel, the darker it gets.

Inspired by that transformation, I put 999 copies of a special, limited edition of my pocket whiskey notebooks in an ex-beer barrel, previously used to age Kentucky bourbon. There the books rested for four months, occasionally refreshed with a mist of a whiskey made by beer brewers.

Sealed with a Copper Kiss

After four months in the double-use barrel, the books absorbed a faint whiff of that heavenly smell. To preserve it, I put three of the books in an American-made steel canister, and hand-sealed it with a metallic copper wax dip. It'll make the perfect gift for the bourbon lover in your life, or keep it for yourself. I won't tell.

After all, there are only 333 sets available, individually hand-numbered.

Foiled for Your Pleasure

The books themselves are designed as an homage to the collaboration between cooper (barrel-maker) and distiller. The exterior is printed with a distinctive wood grain design, and finished with a whiskey-colored copper foil that catches the light just like a perfect glass of the brown stuff. The result is an eye-catching journal that's sure to please.

33 Whiskeys fits perfectly in a jeans pocketPocket-Sized, Yet Powerful

As with my standard whiskey journal, each of the three books provides an easy way to quickly record whiskey tasting notes in the same small, convenient notebook format you know and love - just a little more special.

Designed for Speed

It’s tough to hold a notepad in one hand, a pencil in the other, and have another hand left for your glass. Taking notes with 33 Whiskeys is as simple as checking a few boxes and entering a few basic facts.

The flavor wheel in 33 Whiskeys makes quick work of recording a whiskey's unique flavor in visual formatThe flavor wheel in 33 Whiskeys can be used to quickly recall a whiskey’s unique flavor long after consumption. For low values of the flavor, fill in dots near the wheel’s center.


33 Whiskeys is made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Interior pages are 100% post-consumer recycled content and covers are 85% post-consumer recycled content and 15% recycled content. The booklets are printed using US-grown soy-based inks in sunny Portland, Oregon. A teeny, tiny amount of whiskey is added to the ink, cryptically noted on the back.

Printed with soy inks on recycled paper in Portland, Oregon

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