Wine Bottle Taxonomy Print


“Mommy, What’s a Magnum?”

Have you talked to your kids about wine bottle sizes? No? Well, consider this a teachable moment. My hand-pulled letterpress print makes a great gift for the wine geek in your life, telling the story of the wide and wonderful world of wine bottles, each with its own unique name and history. 

Today’s most common wine bottle is the straight-sided, high-shouldered design native to Bordeaux in France. It’s available in many different formats, some of which are shared by bottle designs originating in Champagne and Burgundy. Twelve are chronicled here at 1:10 scale, from the mighty Melchior to the diminutive Demi.

Wine Bottle Taxonomy is a frameable 9 x 14 inches (23 x 36 cm), perfect for hanging in your cellar, cave or kitchen.

Fresh-Pressed in Portland

This open-edition print was printed by hand, with love, on a gluten-powered Vandercook letterpress using soy-based inks. 

American-made French Paper

The poster is printed on 100% recycled (30% PCW), chlorine-free French brand paper, made in Niles, Michigan. If you're as big a paper geek as you are a wine geek, you'll want to know that it's 80# Dur-O-Tone in Newsprint Extra White Cover Stock. 


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