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33 Bottles of Bourbon


33 Whiskeys fits perfectly in a jeans pocketPocket-Sized, Yet Powerful

33 Bottles of Bourbon is a bourbon journal that provides an easy way to quickly record bourbon tasting notes in a small, convenient notebook format. It's thinner than an iPhone and easily fits in a back pocket.

It's the perfect gift for whiskey aficionados, geeks, nerds and other fans of the distiller's art.

NOTE: If you are more interested in Scotch, you might enjoy my Scotch-specific journal, 33 Drams of Scotch. I also have a book just for Japanese Whisky, and a more general, catch-all book called 33 Glasses of Whiskey, which covers all the brown stuff in one book.

Designed for Speed

It’s tough to hold a notepad in one hand, a pencil in the other, and have another hand left for your glass of bourbon. Taking notes with 33 Bourbons is as simple as checking a few boxes and entering a few basic facts.

Bourbon Flavor Wheel

The flavor wheel in 33 Bourbons can be used to quickly recall a bourbon’s unique flavor long after consumption. For low values of the flavor, fill in dots near the wheel’s center. A Kentucky small-batch bourbon is used in the example shown at right.

Smash that Mash Bill

A big part of what differentiates one bourbon from another is the proportion of various grains used in its recipe – what distillers call a mash bill. 33 Bourbons has a table you can use to note this info listing the most common grains: rye, malt, wheat, and of course, corn, which must make up at least 51% of the mash bill in order for the whiskey to be legally called bourbon at all.

Secret Ingredient

A teeny, tiny amount of real bourbon is infused into the ink in each new edition, which is cryptically noted on the back.


33 Bourbons is made with 100% recycled papers sourced from North America. Interior pages are 100% post-consumer recycled content, and covers are made with 100% reclaimed paper (made from a blend of post-consumer and post-industrial waste). The books are printed with care and infused with a little bit of real bourbon in sunny Portland, Oregon.

Printed with soy inks on recycled paper in Portland, Oregon

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