Cigar Taxonomy Print


“Daddy, What’s a Gordo?”

Have you talked to your kids about cigar sizes? No? Well, consider this a teachable moment. My hand-pulled letterpress print makes a great gift for the cigar geek in your life, bringing clarity to the wide and wonderful world of cigar nomenclature.

Today’s most common cigar shape is the straight-sided, round-headed parejo, but many other shapes are available, from the twisted Culebra to the aptly-named Torpedo. The print also covers wrapper color – there are seven, each of which have their own name.

Size Matters

Contrary what you may have heard, length does matter, at least in cigars. But it's not the only dimension - every cigar size has its own name, based on its length and girth. 12 are shown here.

Cigar Taxonomy is a frameable* 11 x 14 inches (23 x 36 cm), perfect for hanging in your man cave, cigar bar, regular bar, or smoking lounge.

Fresh-Pressed in Portland

This open-edition print was printed by hand, with love, on a gluten-powered Vandercook letterpress using soy-based inks. 

American-made French Paper

The poster is printed on 100% recycled (30% PCW), chlorine-free French brand paper, made in Niles, Michigan. If you're as big a print geek as you are a cigar geek, you'll want to know that it's 80# Dur-O-Tone in Newsprint Extra White Cover Stock. 

Many thanks to Ed Ryan, Ed Lahmann and Kevin Hoyt for their expert input on this print!

* Frame not included, but I got the wood frame shown at and it looks pretty nice!

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