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Deluxe Doughnut Tasting Set


The Perfect Tasting Set for Doughnut Lovers

Portland is doughnut central. Every celebrity chef that visits Portland must make his or her pilgrimage to one of our many holy doughnut shrines, and there is - by law - a pink paper box on every outbound flight from PDX. So in tribute, I've created a doughnut tasting set that I think you will enjoy. It includes:

A Two-Pack of Tasting Journals

The kit includes 2 copies of 33 Doughnuts, my doughnut tasting journal. The journals each have space to record 33 different doughnut experiences, giving you space for a total of 66 fried, frosted (and or/sprinkled) memories. Take your tasting notes, using the checkboxes to note dough type and any fillings. Rate your doughnut on a five-star scale. You can record any other impressions with four lines of free space.

Draw Your Doughnuts!

Now for the fun part - draw your doughnut using the three, American-made colored pencils in the kit, chosen for the perfect pastry palette.

33 Doughnuts Drawing Animation

Top it With Four Sprinkle Stickers

Once you're done with the drawing, top it with one of four semi-transparent sprinkle stickers - two chocolate and two rainbow stickers are included with each kit.

Super Sweet Packaging

I printed this kit with a catchy design that's great for gifting - or just keep it for yourself. I won't tell! The packaging  was custom-cut to snugly hold the books, pencils and stickers in place for shipping, but with hinge and velcro closure, you may want to save the box for pastry expeditions!

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