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Deluxe Ice Cream Tasting Set


The Perfect Tasting Set for Ice Cream Enthusiasts

Summer is here! And with it, we enter peak ice cream season. Ice cream at the park. Ice cream at the zoo. Ice cream on the front steps. Ice cream at the parade. Ice cream on the boardwalk. Wherever you ice cream, I've got you covered. I've put together an ice cream tasting set that includes:

A Three-Pack of Tasting Journals

The kit includes 3 copies of 33 Scoops of Ice Creammy ice cream tasting journal.

The journals each have space to record 33 different dairy discoveries, giving you space for a total of 99 cones, cups, dishes, sundaes or shakes. Rate your ice creams on a five-star scale. You can record any other impressions with five lines of free space.

Be Prepared ... For Ice Cream Emergencies!

Ice cream makes the best surprise, but most of us don't carry spoons in our pockets or purses. Should you find yourself in an surprise scoop scenario, have no fear! My survival spoons tuck neatly inside the pocket ice cream journals, and can be easily detached for ice cream emergencies. They're made of laser-cut, USA-grown maple wood, printed with water-based pink ink. Scoop away!

Super Sweet Packaging

I printed this kit with a catchy design that's great for gifting - or just keep it for yourself. I won't tell! The packaging  was custom-cut to snugly hold the bookstand spoons in place for shipping, but with hinge and velcro closure, you may want to tuck the whole set in your glove box or beach bag!

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