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Original Whisk(e)y Tasting Set


Sold Out

NOTE: This is the original whisk(e)y tasting set I produced by hand, silkscreening each box and insert, which was laser cut to order. I have just a few left, which I'm offering today only with special throwback pricing. If you prefer a more polished look, try the professionally-printed whisk(e)y tasting set.

The Perfect Tasting Set for Scotch and Bourbon

When I developed my Scotch journal and Bourbon tasting journal, I consumed a fair bit of "research" whisk(e)y in the process. Working on the Scotch poster took me further down the rabbit hole. In my right hand was always one glass - the Glencairn Whisky glass, and I've decided to offer it as part of a tasting set that includes the following:

The Glencairn Whisky Glass

My Favorite Whisk(e)y Glass

The glass in this kit was designed by a Glaswegian glass family business expressly for tasting Scotch whisky. Its design has received accolades from big names in whisky, including Michael Jackson* and Her Majesty the Queen.** But I can tell you from my own experience that it works exceptionally well for whiskEy, too. Bourbon, rye, sour mash ... yes, even Canadian Whisky tastes pretty good in here.

The shape of the glass is pleasant to look at, but I find it holds just the right amount for a good tasting, and feels great in your hand. I am no physicist, but to me, the tapering top seems to collect and concentrate aroma, similar to the way a wine glass does. The glass is made in Germany at a renowned lead-free crystal factory.

A Set of Whisk(e)y Tasting Journals

The kit you receive will include two of my popular tasting journals: 33 Drams of Scotch and 33 Glasses of Whiskey. The journals each have space to record 33 different whiskies, giving you space for a total of 66 whisk(e)y tasting experiences.

A Delightful Pen

The journals are accessorized with a traditional click-style, American-made ballpoint pen.

Presentation-Ready Packaging

I hate wrapping gifts, and believe in making products look their best without wrapping paper. To that end, I designed the box with whisk(e)y barrel-inspired imagery on both the exterior and interior of the box so it makes a great impression. When you first open the box, some tips on how to best taste whisk(e)y are also included, making this a great gift for whisk(e)y newbies, too.

* The famed whisky/beer writer, not the pop star.
** I just assume she hand picks recipients of the Queen's Award of Innovation. It has her name on it, after all!