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Single Malts of Scotland: Scotch Tasting Map


Taste Your Way Around Scotland

Scotch is back — although with more than 500 years of tradition, some would say it never left. With this unique poster, you’ll travel around Scotland’s major distilling regions, trying (and logging) a single malt from each. Travel from the Highlands to the Islands, and everywhere in between.

Each region contains a space that will let you log a whisky from that particular region, with a place to note its distiller, age or expression, and the occasion you sampled it. 

A unique device called a flavor wheel helps you visually record a whisky’s flavor. For low values, fill in dots near the wheel’s center. A 16-year old Islay malt is used in the example shown at right.


The only way to include every area was to make this poster big. It's 18 inches wide (46 cm) and 24 inches tall (61 cm). There's a spot to review a whisky from each of the major areas:

  • The Islands (Orkney, Skye, Jura, Orkney, Arran and Mull)
  • Islay (yep, it's an island, but it deserves its own designation)
  • The Highlands (Northern, Eastern, Central and Western)
  • Lowlands
  • Speyside
  • Campeltown

American-made French (brand) Paper

The poster is printed on 100% recycled, chlorine-free French brand paper, made in Niles, Michigan. If you're as big a paper connoisseur as you are a Scotch connoisseur, you'll also want to know that it's 80# Dur-o-tone cover in tough Packing Brown Wrap. The poster was printed, designed and tested in sunny Portland, Oregon with soy-based inks.

Special thanks to Tej Dhawan for providing feedback on early drafts of this map!

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