Happy New Year! A look ahead ... January 07 2019

Happy New Year!

After a week or so of decompressing from all those trips to the post office, it's fun to get the creative part of my brain working again and start thinking about some new projects!. Here's the current list of what I'm hoping to launch in 2019:

  • 33 Tequilas: March-ish
  • Super secret tasting map project: May-ish
  • 33 Gins: July-ish
  • Oyster Tasting Set (Fall sometime)
  • Something 10th Anniversary related ... (November-ish)

I might squeeze one or two more things in along the way, too ... and if that release schedule seems a little lighter than in previous years, you're not wrong! But I'm not slacking, I promise! I'm working on something a little bigger than I normally do ...

33 Books HQ

My family moved just outside of Portland in 2016, to a little area along the Historic Columbia River Highway called Springdale. The property came with a small apple orchard, which I've been bringing back to health, and added a few new trees in 2017 (16 or so!). You've probably seen more than a few photos of that process in my Instagram feed over the last 18 months or so! But ... it also has enough space for a small studio for me!

Assuming all the legal dominos fall the right way, this is something I've always dreamed of: a new studio building, purpose-built to house 33 Books Co.! Aboce is a little rendering this amateur 'architect' put together. Financing is secured, now we're just putting together our land use application for the county we live in. Fingers crossed!