Yes, I Make Custom Books! November 06 2023

I’m delighted when people want to align their brand with my pocket tasting notebooks. Over the years, I've produced books for brands big and small. Most of the time, I work with them to add their branding to my books.

Sometimes, that can be as simple as adding a logo to the front of an existing book, in a process called imprinting. This is a good choice if you need just a few dozen books, as the process is both cost effective and quick. Some logos work well on the front of the book, as in the whiskey journal I did for FTW, and others seem to work better on the back, as with the CiderCon book on the right, both below.

Logo Imprinted Books from 33 Books Co.

For larger quantities (and bigger budgets), I offer more customization. Some companies want their branding to take center stage, and I'm glad to oblige (there's still a credit to 33 Books Co. on the back, of course). These are custom-printed books. I help with design, but this batch of books is for you and you alone. This custom salumi journal I created for Creminelli has a bespoke cover, but also includes some product info on the center spread of the book. These books are used in helping to sell Creminelli's line of cured meats (which hardly need selling - they are tasty), and are used in demos and education. The remainder of the book is my standard 33 Salumi pages, so the students can record their impressions of Creminelli's product line in class and afterwards.

Creminelli Salumi Journal

If you'd like to work together, drop me a line. I'm always up for interesting collaborations.