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Modern Aquavit Cocktails Letterpress Print


Scandinavia's Secret Spirit

I'm often asked what aquavit is. Surprising, because I think of it aquavit as an old friend. But then, I am 15.2% Swedish, according to 23andMe.

"Think of aquavit as Scandinavian gin," I say, "but with caraway instead of juniper."

And just as gin makes just about any cocktail magical, subbing aquavit for clear spirits can be pretty spectacular, making standbys feel new and exciting. Don't believe me? Just ask your local Scandinavian-ish bartender. 

You say you don't have a Scandinavian-ish bartender? Well, you're lucky I do! 

A Collaboration with Jacob Grier

My friend Jacob Grier – bartender, author, and aquavit evangelist – suggested we work on a journal for tasting aquavit way back in 2021. This print is our second collaboration, but likely not the last!

Inspired by Scandesign

Modern Aquavit Cocktails is a frameable* 11 x 14 inch (28 x 36 cm) guide to creating nine amazing, original aquavit cocktails, distilled into a simple and attractive three-color letterpress print. Those three colors are no accident; the red, yellow and blue are drawn from the colors of aquavit-loving Scandinavia's national flags. Red from Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Yellow from Sweden. Blue from Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.

Whiskey Barrel Frame on an Aquavit Print

Barrel-Finished and -Framed

This print is available in a bespoke frame manufactured by yours truly from upcycled whiskey and/or wine barrels. Each one is a bit different, and makes for a great conversation starter. With this option, prints are matted and secured behind an archival, USA-made mat and backerboard and postman-proof UV-resistant acrylic sheet.

Please note that barrel frames cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand due to import restrictions on wood products.

Fresh-Pressed in Portland

This open-edition print was printed by hand, with love, on a 1909 Chandler & Price letterpress using soy-based inks. 

American-made French Paper

The poster is printed on 100% recycled (30% PCW), chlorine-free French brand paper, made in Niles, Michigan. If you're as big a paper geek as you are an aquavit geek, you'll want to know that it's 125# Muscletone in Starch White Cover Stock.  

 * The print is a standard size, and ready-to-use frames are available at many box stores – or even better, independent frame shops!

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