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The Original Cider Tasting Mug


I fell in love with cider while working on my cider-tasting notebook, but I quickly realized that cider lacks an important element of drinking culture – a vessel with which to appreciate it.

I tried using beer and wine glasses, but they didn’t seem quite right. So I set out to create something purpose-built to enhance the craft cider experience.

"One of the most amazing glasses for cider that I’ve ever encountered isn’t a glass at all, it’s a mug: the Original Cider Tasting Mug by 33 Books Co. What I love about this mug is how it concentrates everything that cider has to offer: aroma, color and body."
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Purpose-Built to Enhance Craft Cider

  • Wide Mouth. Put your nose near the cider.
  • Tapered Neck. Aromas concentrate where your nose will meet them.
  • Unglazed. The interior and lip of the mug are finished with a bright white glaze,most of the exterior is left raw, providing a firm grip, even when wet.
  • It’s Ceramic. Glass is great, but ceramic is better, at least when it comes to insulating properties. Cider stays cooler longer in ceramic.
  • Not Quite a Handle. The Nevada-shaped tab on the side provides a nice spot to rest Web Space No. 1 (the not-very-creative medical term for the webbing between your thumb and index finger).

Take a Look Inside 

When you examine cider in a clear glass, you’re seeing the color of objects around the cider, not the color of the cider. With opaque white walls, the Cider Mug allows you to evaluate the cider’s true color and clarity.

It's the Bubbles

The "33" logo embossed in the mug’s bottom serves as a nucleation site where dissolved carbon dioxide can form the bubbles which deliver aroma to your nose and texture to your tongue.

Designed, Tested and Cast in Portland

Could I have made this mug cheaper? I could have had it produced overseas and gotten the price down a little bit. But like the ciders I enjoy, I think place of origin and craft matter. Each mug is cast and hand-finished one at a time right here in Portland by the artisans at Mudshark Studios, who are as passionate about clay as you are about cider. Even the leather strap is made in the USA.

Special thanks to Sam Kashuk and all my friends at Mazama who helped bring this to life, as well as early reviewers James Kohn, Nick Gunn, Nat West and Jeff Alworth.

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