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Hot Sauce Tasting Set No. 1


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The Perfect Tasting Set for Hot Sauce Lovers

When I developed my hot sauce tasting journal, I had the opportunity to try quite a few sauces. These were and remain two of my favorites, and I thought I'd offer them to you as part of a limiited offering tasting set that includes:

Two of My Favorite Artisan Hot Sauces

Marshall's Habanero Carrot Curry Hot Sauce

Marshall's Haute Sauce is based in Portland, Oregon, a place which is not typically known for its spicy food. It is well-known for its lively culinary scene, and I think that's where this sauce gets its soul. I've included a 4 oz. bottle of their "Habañero Carrot Curry," which is spicy, but not at all simplistic. The curry is a subtle flavor, and the carrot adds a nice bit of sweetness. This sauce is especially good with eggs and fresh tortillas, in my experience, where the sauce's complexity can really shine.

Horsetooth O-Face Habanero Hot Sauce

Horsetooth's "O-Face" is as near to a daily hot sauce as I have - it's got a great combination of sweetness (from cantaloupe and carrots) and bright habañero flavor that I think works well on just about anything, from chicken to rice and beans. I used to pick up a few bottles every time I flew through the Denver airport, but I bought some direct from the source for this kit, and I think you'll be as addicted to it as I am!

A Three-Pack of Tasting Journals

The kit also includes 3 copies of 33 Drops of Hot Sauce, my hot sauce tasting journal. The journals each have space to record 33 different hot sauces, giving you space for a total of 99 hot sauce tasting experiences.

A Delightful Pen

The journals are accessorized with a traditional click-style, American-made ballpoint pen.

Red Hot Presentation-Ready Packaging

I hate wrapping gifts, and believe in making products look their best without wrapping paper. To that end, I screen-printed this exterior box with a unique "hearts on fire" design that's great for gifting - much more impressive than a box of chocolates.

The insert inside the box was custom laser-cut to snugly hold the books and bottles in place for shipping, but with the split-fountain screen printing and spicy flame cut-outs, I think it looks so good you may want to save the box!

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