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Libros Muertos: Mystery 13-Pack of Undead Books

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The Road to Perfection is Bumpy

Despite their simple appearance, making books can be tricky. A corner isn't cut quite right. Maybe the wrong color of staples is in the stitcher. The foil press misses a color. On personalized books, sometimes it takes a few test prints to get the logo placed just right. Flaws happen. Thankfully, they're rarely fatal.

The guts of a book aren't usually affected by these little flaws, and I hate to throw away perfectly usable books, even if they are a bit ... odd-looking.

New Life for Dead Books

So over the last few years, I've taken these dead books, or "libros muertos," as I've come to think of them, and banished them to a kind of printer's purgatory.*

Today, I'm unearthing some of these buried treasures and bringing them back to life in a very limited offering. I've taken each book, and given it new life with a distinctive, colorful, and often very shiny "libros muertos" foil stamp in at least three colors ... sometimes many more. Think of them as factory seconds, with a lot more flavor.

13 Books for 13 Bucks

Purchase a pack today, and you'll receive 13 books in a stylish, silkscreened marigold-colored envelope for just 13 bucks. Thirteen must be your lucky number, because normally 13 books would cost you $65+. What's the catch?

Mysteries Await

Which books? Coffee journals, maybe. Definitely some beer journals. The choice of contents will be up to me, but I reserve the right to include a special surprise in a few envelopes that may not even BE a book. Only the undertaker ... er, designer ... knows for sure.

* Okay, it's just an empty cardboard box in my studio, but you'll admit "printer's purgatory" sounds a lot more interesting.

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