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The Spirit Summoner: Cocktail Conjurer


Inspired by a certain spooky game board I enjoyed at childhood slumber parties (and perhaps a creative cocktail or two), I present the Spirit Summoner - a "talking board" for the 21-and-over crowd.

Conjure a Cocktail

If you’re having trouble on an important life decision - namely, deciding on your next beverage, consult my cocktail conjurer. Simply gather your friends, lower the lights and gently rest your hands on the gold-embossed black planchette. Summon the spirits with an incantation (the below is printed inside the box, or create your own), and let the spirits guide you to your next drink. 

"Cherry sweet and lemon sour,
Fizzy spirit of boundless power –
Rise up now like Champagne’s bubbles –
Mix something up – and make mine double!"

The planchette will magically point the way to spirits, garnishes, mixers and more, creating a unique drink along the way.

Built to Last for Ages

The Spirit Summoner is made of high-quality birch plywood that measures a giant 15 x 20 inches (38 x 50 cm), hand-printed printed by yours truly in gloomy, doomy Portland, Oregon. The planchette is made from cast acrylic, embossed with a gilt design, resting on a bed of felt made from recycled plastic bottles.

Upon Your Wall a Smile

The Spirit Summoner moonlights as awesome wall decor, and is pre-drilled with holes to make wall-hanging easy. Pair that with a highly-graphic box, and the Spirit Summoner makes for a killer gift.

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