I Fear No Cheese June 24 2013

The American Cheese Society's annual convention has been described to me as "the GABF of cheese." The mind - and my cholesterol count - boggles.

Held annually at locations across the country, the event draws cheesemakers, retailers, media, vendors (that's us!) and of course, cheese lovers by the thousand. Cheesemakers will be in the "world-renowned cheese judging and competition" for honors in each of many, many categories. And what the judges don't eat? That's for you and me. Aisles and aisles of cheddar, chevre and more ... cheese heaven.

Fittingly, this year's conference and competition will be in Madison, Wisconsin, and I'll have a table there August 1, 2 and 3, showcasing the many fine products 33 Books Co. produces. I'm hoping to connect with lots of people there - stop by the booth and say hello! I'll be the one with the bottle of Lipitor around my neck and a giant smile on my face (I'm also planning my second trip to New Glarus Brewing).

- Dave