A Quick Thanks for Shopping Small November 11 2021

Like you, I've been hearing a lot about container ships waiting to unload literal boatloads of Chinese goods in LA and Seattle. Thankfully, I'm not one of those companies waiting for my ship to come in.

My stuff is already here, because I make it here! 99% of what I make and sell is made in America, often in Portland, by people I know and care about, from the paper in my books to the cotton in my t-shirts.

There's some patriotism in play in those production choices, but mostly it's good old Portland pragmatism. I can get higher-quality stuff, faster, with less carbon footprint, when I buy locally. You can, too, and I want to thank you for supporting my small business in the past, and if you choose to do so again this year, I'll be packing your goods myself ... unlike that space-traveling bald guy up in Seattle.

- Dave