How To Use 33 Oysters (Guest Post!) March 25 2020

This is a super awesome guest post written by my co-author and collaborator on 33 Oysters, Julie Qiu.

Immediately after deciding to pursue oyster connoisseurship, I created an oyster tasting log. I kept a meticulous spreadsheet of my ongoing oyster experiences, tasting notes, and overall impressions. Although data entry and analysis is much easier to do on the computer, you just can't replicate the tactile satisfaction of taking handwritten notes. Furthermore, tracking such complex data in a spreadsheet had its limitations. Those are a few of the reasons why 33 Books Co. creator Dave Selden and I collaborated on the pocket-sized 33 Oysters on the Half Shell Tasting Journal. Dave's ever-growing collection of simple, easy-to-use considered consumption tools allows anyone to improve their palate and recall.

33 Oysters Journal. Photo by Julie Qiu.

While Dave's books are designed for users to jot down first impressions quickly, I admit that some of the data components in the 33 Oysters on the Half Shell Tasting Journal (such as cup depth, meat-to-shell ratio, and flavor wheel descriptors) might seem a bit foreign to the uninitiated.

I decided to write this guide to help you navigate through all of it! But before we dive into the journal ...

Read the rest of the post over at Julie's Blog In a Half Shell. You should also follow her on Instagram.