"Read the Back of the Book." April 22 2019

Good advice for all books, but on this Earth Day, if you'll indulge me, I'd like to walk you through the back of my beer journal for a moment. It'll all make sense in time, I promise.

Back of 33 Beers Beer Journal

Starting from the top, the blank area. Here, I often write little notes to myself, sometimes recommendations for new tasting experiences from people I meet. This particular book went with me to Baltimore last year, and includes some professional drinkers' recommendations* for breweries and bars to to visit (recommend: Max's Taphouse).

Moving down, you'll see a handwritten-looking note from me indicating which beer I put in the ink for this batch of books. In this case, it's a hazy IPA from Olympia's Matchless Brewing. Yes, I put beer in the ink (and cider, and coffee, and tea, etc., etc.).

And last but not least, just before the copyright notice, one last little note from me telling you about the earth-friendly materials and processes used in making my books. Told you we'd get back on track!

TLDR: 100% recycled paper throughout, made in America, mostly in the Northwest, with soy inks in Portland.

These choices aren't accidental, nor are they born of patriotism or local pride. Although I am generally guilty of both, I have a desire to make a low-impact product.

Recycled means trees stay trees longer, and when they are eventually made into paper, they are used thoroughly and responsibly. Making books close to home results in a lower carbon footprint. And soy inks because the last thing we need is another oil well.

So on this April 22, here's me wishing you a very Happy Earth Day from sunny Portland, Oregon. Thanks for reading.


* Related, similarly good advice, "Ask a bartender/barista/server where she likes to drink." But I digress.