The Return of the 3:33 Sales! November 12 2020

The 3:33 Sales

No doubt about it ... the holidays are coming fast. In 2018, I ran a super-fun series of promotions I dubbed "The 3:33 Sales," where I discounted a different product each day at 3:33 PST for every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Convoluted? Maybe. A ton of work? Definitely! Probably too much for a one-man operation. So, while I'm going to repeat the program again this year, it'll be a once-a-week situation instead of every day. Each Thursday from now to December 24, I'll run a different themed promotion, starting ... meow!

How It Works

  • I am going to be running one awesome sale every Thursday between today and December 24th.
  • Each sale commences at 3:33 PM Portland Standard Time (PST) and ends at 11:59 PM.
  • You'll need a discount code, which will only work during that particular sale. Codes will be posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and included in 3:33 announcement e-mails (sign up here). 

Get Reminders for Upcoming Sales

If you'd like to get reminders as sales begin, I've got a couple ways for you to get notified:

1. Social Media

I'll be posting updates on all the official 33 Books Co. channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

2. E-mail Reminders

Sign up for the weekly 3:33 e-mail list here.

What's On Sale?

You'll have to wait and see!

  • Thursday, November 12: $20 off Cider Mugs
  • Thursday, November 19: Buy One, Get One Prints
  • Thursday, November 26: 50% Off One Item
  • Thursday, December 3: 33% Off Posters
  • Thursday, December 10: Free WORLDWIDE Shipping Over $50
  • Thursday, December 17: 2 for 1 Drinking Coins
  • Thursday, December 24: 33% Off Gift Certificates